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SCR888 Malaysia Online Casino

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SCR888 Casino Review

We know just how important a good reputation is when it comes to players considering which online casinos to choose. Without a shadow of a doubt the SCR888 casino suite comes to the forefront of the Malay based online real money gaming industry as one of the most highly reputable and fun casinos!

5 Key Reasons to Play At SCR888 Malaysia:

“100s of Slot Games and Casino Table Games”

“High Payout Percentages”

“The Best Bonuses Online”

“The Most Popular Malaysian Casino!”

“Excellent Customer Service”

Need More Reasons to Play?

SCR888 is Safe, Secure and 100% Trustworthy and has been in business in Malaysia since 2008.

Let’s Recap With 10 Good Reasons To Play At This Casino:

Running since 2008

Easy Sign Up Process

Free Software Download

Android or IOS Compatible

100s of Slot Games

Pestigous Table games

Great Bonuses

Customer Service Excellence

High Payout Percentages

Safe & Secure

There are so many reasons why SCR888 is the right choice for Malayan casino games. However, the only way you are going to find out for sure is by signing up. Here at Naga128 we here to help you do just that.


  • Play Online Real Money Games While On The Move

Bring the Fun Anywhere!

Bring the drama and the elegance of James Bond’s Casino Royale film straight to your mobile device, or touchpad without having to step foot in a brick and mortar casino yourself.

All the entertainment of a casino can be enjoyed via the SCR888 casino download.

  • Play at Anytime of The Day

You can access your casino download and play games at any hour of the day. That is the beauty of having access to casinos on the internet! They never close and the games are always available.

  • New Games Coming Out All the Time

Another great aspect to having access to an online casino is that there is not restriction on the amount of games the gaming club can offer. This means SCR888’s already huge gaming list will continue to grow without restrictions. There are already over 100 games to bet on!

Imagine how more there will be as the years go by and the gaming list continually added to. So much fun to be had!

  • Android or IOS Downloads Are Available

If you want to get an account now, then speak with Naga128 on our chat in the bottom right hand corner of the screen or call us on +60-11-1628 7931.

We’ll make sure that you are connected and able to stream this exciting casino games platform directly to your living room.

  • What Will You Discover After You Sign Up?

There are so many benefits to signing up to Malaysia’s No.1 virtual casino!

Check out our SCR888 casino review below:

  • An Excellent Reputation and Maturity In Malaysia

Along with having a very highly recognized and distinguished reputation, SCR888 Casino is also one of the longest established online casinos in Malaysia operating since 2008.

Not only is SCR888 Casino known for having a reputation that eclipses any that of most other online casinos but it is also known for its huge catalogue of games and online slots.

  • Higher Payout Percentages Than Most Other Internet Based Casinos

Most casinos will bank a huge percentage of the money their clientele bet on their games. However, SCR888 does the opposite. It makes sure that its slots are all set to 95% or higher payout percentages.

This is an online casino that knows that it takes multiple reasons for a casino fanatic to join their army of players. And, it is not just the games, bonuses and safety of any casino that becomes the deciding factor when joining their casino.

Hence the managers and directors as well as marketing team at the casino have decided to make sure their clients are all given a higher chance to win! This is great for players that rely on their upswings to bank big cash payouts as the higher percentage has helped many SCR888 players bank some big wins.

  • What Software Can I Expect To Be On The Back End?

Previously SCR888 designed all their software inhouse. However, with its growing popularity the casino has been approached by some of the big online casino platform providers.

IGT were the first through the door!

Now SCR888 not only has its very own collection of games, but you can also play games from one of the largest online casino platform providers in the industry.

With this unbeatable partnership, SCR888 has improved its suite of games and brought the casino to the forefront of the Malaysian casino industry.

  • Great Customer Service

Casinos have a reputation for looking after their clientele. At Scr888, there is 24 hour customer support. If you have a problem or need to ask a question, then they are there to help.

You can also contact us here at Naga128, and we will always be happy to help you too.

100+ Real Money Games

Once you get up and running at SCR888 Casino, the first thing that you will notice is the vast amount of choice that you have to keep you entertained. Online slots, jackpot games, classic casino table games, and unique variations of these casino table games. Plus there are always new games coming out.

Here are some of the casino games:




“Dragon Tiger”


An Abundance of Slots

In addition to the abundance of table games, SCR888’s online casino gaming suite is well known for its long list of online virtual slot games!!!

Here is a list of just some of SLOTS GAMES you can play:

Fairy Garden

Golden Tree

Treasure Island


Mayan Princess

Football Star

Lucky Koi

Mad Hatters

Haloween Fortune

Dolphin Reef

If slots are not really your thing, then as mentioned above, you can try out the classic table games such as Roulette, Sec-Bo, Blackjack and other classics once yu become an SRC888 Casino member.

  • Playing At SCR888 Online Casino “Free” Before Betting Real Money

You can read up on strategy and then practice before you start playing with real money. All this is thanks to SCR888’s free play casino options.

Practice Free Play To Test Your Strategy

Try any of the casino games for free by opting for the free play section of each game. You can practice new games that you are not familiar with and learn and understand the rules.

This feature is especially popular for new games released in the casino; especially slots! There is a large number of people that would much prefer to get used to all the features a new slot release has before committing to the real money version of the game via their cash bank roll.

  • High End Technology

As well as having a vast collection of games for you to enjoy, SRC888 is right up to date with its technology and can be played either at your desktop computer or laptop, or can be played on just about any mobile device that you may own.

So if you are in a line waiting for an appointment or simply on your lunch break at work, you have the ability to have a little gamble on the go at SRC888 Casino.

  • Safe and Secure Online Casino In Malaysia

At Naga128 we are happy and confident about our ability to promote only reputable online casinos that have a reputation for being safe and secure.

SCR888 Casino is one of the best online real money sites out there on the World Wide Web aimed at bringing the very highest level of casino entertainment to those in Malaysia that love to make bets on casino games.

We are proud to present SCR888’s amazing casino experience to Malaysian people; a trustworthy and highly reputable real money betting establishment that has been open since 2008 serving Malaysian clients with high quality virtual casino games.

  • Easy Sign Up Process

One of the great things about SCR888 is the fact that it is so easy to download and sign up for an account.

  1. Scan the 2D code to your phone for an instant download
  2. Start the download
  3. Sign up for your account
  4. Try the free play area
  5. Deposit Money
  6. Start making real money wagers on 100s of virtual casino games

The Software Download is Free:

This entire process is FREE. You can download the software and sign up to your account and start playing immediately.


If you need any more convincing that SRC888 Casino should be one of your first online considerations, you should know that they even have a welcome bonus! This bonus will give you a free RM 30 if you make a first time deposit of RM 50 meaning that you will get a nice total of RM 80 to play with!

There is no time to waste, get over there and start getting those wins today!

Weighing It All Up

SCR888 is by far the most popular online casino in Malaysia – there really is no arguing with that. There are others to choose from such as Newtown Casino and V29, but SCR888 always seems to be the first choice.

There are 100s of games to play too so you will never be short.

in addition there are always new slots and games being released by SCR888. You will be able take advantage of new bonus codes that go with these new releases as the casino strives to promote new games and help you test them out and learn the strategy of the new game at a low cost to you.

Honestly, if we recommend one casino on our site that we would tag as a “Must Play” real money gaming website, SCR888 is it. Try it out and see for yourself.

SCR888 Casino Games