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LPE88 Casino

Android & IOS Available

LPE88 Casino is a relatively new casino that is showing plenty of potential for players all across Asia. Powered by Playtech, the leading gaming operator in Asia, LPE88 Casino also known as Lucky Palace Casino quickly gaining momentum at becoming one of the very best online gaming platforms in Asia.

The Asia Gaming Group has been developing their product for many years since first acquiring a gaming license in the Philippines back in 2008. Ever since then they have grown at an astonishing rate and have created a safe, enjoyable, and potentially lucrative environment for their players.

What really stands out at LPE88 Casino is their VIP live casino rooms that offer up plenty of unique features never seen before at other online casinos. One such feature in the VIP is that the player that bets the highest amount will actually be able to flip over the next card.

Additionally, a telephone number is available for the particular table you are viewing via a stream, which you can call to see for yourself, that the table really is live. Don’t like the dealer or feel your luck would change with a new deck of cards? In a VIP room at LPE88 Casino you will be able to request to change either of these at any given time.

It is features such as these that are the reason why the Asia Gaming Group and LPE88 Casino are renowned for offering up the best streaming technology in Asia!

Even if you prefer to play slots instead of the live games, LPE88 Casino has you covered with a large variety for you to choose from! All of the popular games that Malaysians love to play are here and there is so much selection that you will never get bored!

The Asia Gaming Group and LPE88 Casino were well ahead of their competition with regards to mobile playing as well. They quickly realized that the enhancement of mobile technology would allow players to connect to the internet from a number of different devices and quickly developed their own Android and iOS versions of the LPE88 Casino.

Before you rush off to download the version that you require to play, be sure to check out the many promotions that you can avail when depositing on LPE88 Casino. You will surprised to find that there are a number of excellent bonuses that will add both value and fun to your gaming experience.