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About Naga128

Naga128 is an online casino brand that brought to Malaysia by Dragon World, a casino entertainment club that located in the heart of Macau. Dragon World runs landed casino in Macau since 1995 and owns a few casino night clubs across Macau city. Naga (Dragon) world casino clubs are well equipped with five stars facilities and also known as one of the best VIP casino hall in Macau. The biggest dragon world casino club divided into normal hall, VIP hall and VVIP rooms which consists of more than 200 croupiers over 80 gambling tables and also hundreds of casino slot machines. Live streaming system was introduced and implemented in dragon world casino since 3 years ago in order to bring casino gaming to online gambling screen. Naga128 was named by its Dragon Club’s name. Naga is a localized name of dragon in Malay language, while 128 in Cantonese means getting wealth. We sincerely welcome you to join us at Naga128, try your luck and may the wealth awaiting you.

Excellent Customer Service

Naga128 customer service teams are well trained personnel ready to serve you 24/7 restlessly. Our customer services representatives are special trained to process deposit and withdrawal in shortest time possible, assisting you in any casino gaming matter. Technical team equipped with capable IT knowledge ready to address any gaming issues in order to provide you with excellent gaming experiences. Nonetheless, Naga128 livechat support representatives are verbally and written fluent with English, Mandarin and Malay languages. This puts our service into another level, we are able to assist you in the language that you feel comfortable with.

Reliable and Trustworthy

Speaking of online casino gaming, trustworthy is a matter of fact that worries gamblers. There are many online casino website emerging since couple years ago and some of them are simply fraud or low credibility. Naga128 has strong financing background in casino industry and we process all withdrawals through online banking only. At times, we are cash ready and be able to withdraw more than 200k in total within a day without any question asked if turnover requirement has already been fulfilled. Naga128 implemented strict withdrawal policies where winnings can only cash out to bank holder that same as registered name in Naga128. Thus, you do not need to worry much about security and safety issues of Naga128 account. Actions are always stronger than words, stick with us if you would and believe it by yourself in times.